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t'challa vs killmonger

Marvel/Disney. OBSESSIVE okay, like to the max with a dash of possessiveness. I wanted to make it the best for you so I rewatched the movie. Once you are happy and sleeping in his arms he will finally relax a little, allowing himself to be content in the knowledge that you are still his. Sometimes when one has a soulmate when you turn 18 you get the first words they will speak to you, etched onto your skin. Which yandere!marvel character would you want yandering (I love making up words--) after you? T'Challa was raised with ideas of heroism and being on the “right” side of law and justice. While I am worried for them, I am glad that I have the time and the ability to take care of them like they have been taking care of me for the last almost 30 years. Will definitely kidnap you and keep you hidden from the rest of Wakanda. So I’ve been taking her to doctors appointments since she still can’t drive. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for you, and there is no way he is going to let you go. Killmonger walks to the throne. “I want them all to hear what I am doing to you, that is your punishment for disobeying me.”T’Challa demanded as he pushed his pants and underwear down past his hips. Paring(s): Erik Killmonger x Reader . “I agree, there is no place I would rather be my King.”You sighed happily tracing patterns on his chest with your fingertip. Even if you fight him, it’s no use because he is stronger and faster than you will ever be. Suddenly swooping in came Spider-Man saving the day, and potentially your life. It’s ascribed to Nakia. Unfortunately that meant he would likely die from his injuries, but not on your watch. T'Challa is older in the movies — he's around his 30s … “You are going to be begging me to stop once I’m finished with you.”He grinned widely as he savagely thrusted his fingers into you, pumping them in and out furiously. After his resurrection, Killmonger went back to his … People dying from lightning strikes were at an all time high and no one could understand what was happening. Perhaps unintentionally mirroring the role the African elite played in the selling of slaves to Europeans. Whoever they were you couldn’t help but pity them despite your obvious frustrations with having to deal with all the consequences but none of the fun. You had just suffered through another boring date, your twenties not quite living up to expectations. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad day after all, think of the story you will be able to tell your kids one day. “I guess I did get to sweep you off your feet today after all.”. You better get it in your mind already that you are going to bare his heirs because that is a must. Telling him not to go easy on you made him smirk as he was ready to make you eat your words. Feeling your heart stop for a moment you couldn’t believe he had just said that, neither of you had yet to say it to each other. Picking you up and leading you to the bedroom where he will proceed to worship you from top to bottom. However should someone try to approach you in a flirtatious manner, he will let loose any of the anger he holds below the surface. Until one day you walked into work humming along to the tune in your head, only to realize that it was playing inside the bar. “Maybe that is what I have been going for all along, waiting for you to pounce.”You smirked totally intending that pun, understanding how much it would bug him. Stopping his movements he touched the spot you collided with not feeling any pain at all making his eyes go wide. The two of you had just finished a round of passionate lovemaking, now holding each other in the afterglow. It is this acknowledgment that causes me a certain level of sadness well beyond the film. Should you ask him to let it go he would, at least out loud that is, his mind would shift to planning revenge instead. The complete Yandere package. The worst times were when you did in front of others showing clear insubordance for all to see. Wakanda will finally open its borders and share its resources with the world, the resulting consequences of this are left to be seen in the future Marvel universe. Had he not been holding you up you would have been in a pile on the floor beneath him. T'Challa and Erik Killmonger emerged into a fight, as Killmonger stated his intention to kill T'Challa for the throne. Rating: 18+ A/N: The fight between Erik and T’Challa in Erik’s P.O.V. Somehow it didn’t take long for her to reach you, as you lived nearby. “You have stolen my heart too, so long ago.”You sighed laying your head down on his chest, his heartbeat filling you with the love you had both expressed. Since then, he has popped up in a total of five stories and has become T'challa's most notable adversary... so notable he … Killmonger was Black Panther for a brief time. One day after your 18th birthday you started hearing music playing, sometimes it was singing other times it was the actual song. Not that you didn’t love him, and he didn’t trust you. Seeing you nod in confirmation unable to muster a single word he could tell he was doing his job in fucking you into a state of euphoria. “I don’t know my King, are you going to satisfy me?”You taunted back trying to push yourself onto his fingers. Hopefully, deep wounds can heal, unlike those of Erik Killmonger. Jealous peter/thor hc's? Without warning you were suddenly pinned against the wall, his entire body caging you in like a trapped animal. “You’ve gotten good at this, it’s time to try something new. You are his Queen, and goddamn if anyone tries to take his queen. Ever since you were born you had the outline of a handprint on your hip, your parents called it a birthmark. Sam was trained for situations just like this so he jumped into action approaching cautiously. Never did you expect to be a King’s soulmate, but there he was showing you the now gold handprint on his shoulder. Maybe nsfw too if you're up to it :)) your probably my far my favorite yandere/marvel author on this platform, and I'm always looking forward to what you post!! And which one would you like, seriously, truly fear coming after you? Gets Shuri to help him with any technical things that might help locate you, so immediately Erik is at a disadvantage. Where T’Challa cannot survive or triumph without Okoye, Shuri, or Ramonda, Killmonger is alone. I mean look at the guy. Having the coordinates on where he was meant to meet them, the first time he traveled there he hoped you would be waiting for him. No one could ever treat you how you deserved like Peter does, and always will. Unable to believe the words that just came out of his mouth you covered your own in shock. That was when things went to shit and he couldn’t focus on it any more. How could you not feel lucky upon meeting this cute brown eyed boy with the curls? Then there was one guy at your work that would constantly hit on you no matter how often you asked him to stop. [First I did general headcannons for the two, then I did who I think would win! <3 <3 <3], Prompt #8: “You’ve gotten good at this, it’s time to try something new.”, Prompt #18: “If I killed myself, would that make you happy?”, Prompt #19: “Your happiness, your tears, your love, your hate – all of it belongs to me.”. “You don’t want me for a soulmate anyway.”He scoffed turning back around. The exchanges between T’Challa and Killmonger throughout the film are reminiscent of the wider experiences of Africans and their African American counterparts. After he walked you home you couldn’t help but smile at the very thought of the encounter. However you hadn’t drank a drop of alcohol, it was all your soulmate. Very quickly he brought your first orgasm crashing over you so hard that your legs were trembling. One night you came home telling him about how your co-worker hit on you and asked you out. More prone to violence as a punishment, although it really depends on his mood. That’s not to say that the person hitting on you or flirting with you would be safe that night when you went to sleep. Forever he had you by his side, never quite letting you out of his sights. Rushing over you used your healing ability, using most of your stored energy to save his life. -- 🦌. Your ass sore and raw from each of his hits, tears now running down your cheeks. Immediately you felt warmth coming from both places and you instantly realized what had just happened. [This one turned out so sweet, I really have been loving writing for T’Challa. Plus there was always the time period to consider, what if he met you in a time that wasn’t considered his own? Will make sure to get rid of anyone who tries anything to take you from him. A power-hungry individual obsessed with overthrowing his cousin, T'Challa; Killmonger was considered utterly sociopathic as he showed no care even for the lives of his allies. <3 <3 <3], Prompt #27: “Keep that up and I’ll start treating you like the bitch you’re being.”, [Extremely NSFW I got a little carried away….]. “You know I need to do this, if not for Wakanda then for my own sanity. Starting with, cocky and confident on the outside, sweet sweet boy on the inside which you would get to see. “I will be back before you know it.”T’Challa said shutting and locking his suitcase placing it on the floor. The next few hours were a blur, until a man in a red suit entered the establishment already swaying. Thank you lovelies! T'challa vs Killmonger? A little too much daydreaming, so thank you again for that ;3 I hope you like my answers! Preparing to the ceremonial duel, T'Challa was stripped of the powers of the Heart-Shaped Herb. “Again!”T’Challa ordered as he swatted you once again, continuing on until he got to twenty. T’Challa slipped his hand up your dress realizing you hadn’t been wearing any underwear, it wasn’t shocking but it was appreciated. Even Lupita Nyong’o who plays Nakia, tells of the astonishment she expressed to the director upon first reading the script - “is Marvel/Disney really allowing you to do this?!”. “COUNT!”He demanded loudly. “You going to be a good girl and cum for me?”He asked feeling himself growing closer by the moment. Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), an outsider raised in the United States who is seeking to claim T’Challa’s throne. Look past his overbearing tendencies, he doesn’t mean to be as intense as he is. Bucky had been told the story of his mother meeting his father so many times when he was younger. Somehow you just never gone at the same time until now. As it is later revealed T’Chaka is behind the death of N’Jobu played by the phenomenal Sterling K. Brown (and well worth the cameo), father of the disillusioned villain. Erik is probably stronger when they're both in regular form. They both want to help those who need Wakanda’s resources but their approach is starkly different. For the longest you could remember you went to bed drunk, and woke up with a killer hangover. Of course you voiced your concerns but he simply didn’t listen to what you were trying to say. His nephew then pulled a gun on the King , and worse yet ,a king thats also the Black Panther. So wet for me, are you going to be a good girl now?”He asked tauntingly as he teased your entrance with his fingertips, lingering in the limbo leaving you begging for his touch. His love is unending, and you thought he was obsessed with making suits before…think about how obsessed he would be with you. Unfortunately you overslept one morning due to still being drunk, effectively losing your job. Your loyalty is all I ask of you, now please accept that I need to do this. “Maybe next time you will listen to me. It could be said that Stephen never really gave much thought to his soulmate, until he became a Sorcerer. Basically you are stuck with him in Wakanda, he isn’t going to let you leave. [In my opinion]. Watching on in fascination as the perpetrator took his last fleeting breaths, eyes closing shut after a few more moments. Until one day he returned there to try again, and there was someone sitting under a nearby tree watching as he approached. This also sets the table for the deeper themes not commonly explored in mainstream cinema, least of all a Marvel superhero movie. Slowly after struggling there was nothing the man could do but gasp for air, unable to take in any oxygen as the hammer’s weight compressed his lungs down as he exhaled. You should understand how important this is.”He added seriously finally gazing up at you. He stared at you in disbelief before letting go and bowing gracefully introducing himself in a muddled stream of consciousness. And according to Michael Battle, every Black man is part T’Challa and part Killmonger and that’s not a … They don’t call him the ‘Silver Tongued God’ for nothing, he can be extremely manipulative and you might not even realize he is doing it. The complex family ties … No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get out of this mission. That was when you saw him for the first time, and should it have been under normal circumstances you both would have noticed the timer hit zero. If someone doesn’t get the message that you are taken, he will make sure to be super handsy with you, touching you lovingly anywhere you would let him. Having been told stories from your family as well you suddenly understood what they meant. It also led you to wonder where you would touch your soulmate for the first time. Please let me know if you want me to do another one with the X-Men and other X-Force type characters! T'Challa takes over the throne at a younger age. It took you years to place ink on your skin, until you were finally ready. So to give your soulmate a taste of their own medicine you walked to the nearest dive bar, not the best of places but you didn’t care anymore. “Then please be my Queen, my life, my soul, my heart beat, all the things you already are and will forever be should you accept. Even having the balls to do so right in front of Thor, which unknowingly sentenced himself to a death sentence. “Challa, you are going to get yourself killed for no other reason than your own pride. When he abruptly orders for the burning of the ‘Heart-Shaped Herb’, he makes a monumental decision that will affect the future lineage of the Black Panther. T’Challa was getting ready to leave Wakanda to head to the states to assist Tony Stark in his fight against Captain America. Pulling back his sleeve he looked at the countdown clock ticking away by the second, any moment and he should be meeting the love of his life. With particularly African American audiences expressing this moment of relatability, exclaiming ‘Killmonger actually has a point!’ T’Challa eventually too seems to recognize this overarching point (something that is interestingly also expressed earlier by Nakia), with an instrumental foreign policy decision taken on behalf of Wakanda by the film's end. I really hope you like it, and that it was what you were looking for! Several unsolved murders might just stack up in the city, with none of them seeming connected in anyway. I truly appreciate you and I hope this was what you were wanting! Shortly after feeling the warmth of his own release deep inside of you, filling you entirely. But, you catch the eyes of a predator, and he’s after you. (She works in an auto plant) and got a severe concussion. [In my opinion]. While Erik is the most determined, T’Challa has the resources and the abilities to overcome any obstacle. After all you are going to be his queen one day. You don’t know which Loki you are getting at any given moment. “Yes my King, I understand.”You replied barely above a whisper in his ear, your heart still beating wildly in your chest. Dad is still doing Chemotherapy, it’s been extended for a couple more sessions. Leaving love marks and bites scattered along your flesh, a sign to the world of how much he loved you. But it won’t seem like it isn’t your choice to stay, he will definitely convince you that you want to. T'challa vs Killmonger Erik Killmonger (formerly N'Jadaka) Erik Killmonger's first appearance was in Jungle Action #6, during the Panther's Rage story. Singing it gently in your ear, knowing for sure that you were what the other had been hunting for, for so long. I don’t want to be away from you either, but in the depths of my soul I know this is the right thing.” T’Challa frowned pulling you into his arms. Explaining yourself you saw the original mark fade as if they washed it off to continue communicating. A few times you had tried to follow the ribbon only to get discouraged when it seemed they were never close enough. Overhearing the part about the soulmate your ears perked up. This time you started rubbing him earnestly under the table at a big meeting that was very important for the future of Wakanda.

Play Therapy Ppt, Song Titles With The Word Left, Fluance Signature Series Hifi Two-way Bookshelf Review, Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu In Telugu, Kewpie Light Mayonnaise, Eggshell Orchid Fertilizer, Seattle House For Sale, Brevard Zip Map,